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What is Directory Submission? 

Directory submission is the process where your website URL and the details on the web in a directory are submitted to a particular category like business, finance, sports, travel, food, etc. You can also improve your link structure in this way.

Is directory submission still workable?

Submission to directories for SEO is still effective. still, as I formerly mentioned, it must be done rightly. To achieve the stylish results with your directory trouble, use an over- to- date link- structure plan. Keep as much of your business organic as you can while securing high- quality links to increase your website's visibility.

What is the use of directory submission?

The aim of directory submission is to build backlinks for your website by submitting your URL to multiple websites which work as directories. This off-page SEO strategy is used to build backlinks to your website.

directory submission sites list

Is directory Submission good for SEO?

Directory submission for SEO still works fine. But as I said before, it has to be done meetly. Borrow an up to date link- structure strategy to your directory crusade to get the stylish results. Keep your business organic, as much as possible while attracting the stylish quality links to boost your online visibility.

How do I find directory Submission Site list?

These were the types of directory submission spots; you can choose one as per your business requirements and operation. Directly you can search on google with search query of Directory submission list. Based on DA and Spam Score you can choose best site fit for your website.

How do I create a directory submission?

Click on the named order. elect the applicable sub-category and click the submit link to submit your content or click on add composition in the section. give the needed details like URL, title, description and you're done with the submission.

Directory Submission Sites List with High DA Websites

Directory submission site DA 68 58 44 32 44 30

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